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The True Cost of Clutter

When most people hear the word “clutter” they think of piles of a messy space with random stuff all over-but clutter is much more than that. Clutter can have a negative effect on individuals, families, and businesses.

Here are some of the effects clutter can have:

  • wasted time trying to find an item
  • wasted money on buying a new item because you couldn’t find it
  • wasting money to store clutter
  • taking more time trying to clean
  • feeling stressed/overwhelmed
  • not able to focus on important tasks
  • mentally exhausted thinking about it
  • lack of productivity in the home office
  • ashamed to have friends/family over

As overwhelming as clutter can be, it must be addressed-all it takes is ONE small step at a time to regain control of your life!


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